White Block Precast Fencing

Post and Panel

Posts - up to 8’ long x 5” x 5”
Panels - up to 6’ long x 6” high

The system comprises of H shaped posts which are set into the ground. Panels, which interlock, are slotted in. A coping rail finishes the top edge.

Post and Rail

Posts - up to 6’ long x 5” x 5”
Rails - up to 8’ long x 3” x 6”

Posts are available to accept either 2 or 3 Rails. Installation is simple. Place posts vertically in holes with in-situ concrete support, slide rails through holes.



  1. Set stringline and transit.
  2. Measure for post spacing.
  3. Dig post hole to below frost level. Hole should be dug in a “bell” shape.
  4. Pour one sack of dry premix concrete in post hole.
  5. Place and brace post in hole
  6. Dig and place next post, and repeat process, making sure tops of all posts are level with one another.
  7. Set rails from post to post, backfilling each post as you set the rails. Drypack holes with premix concrete up to the surface.

Hang gates from independent wood or steel posts for best results.



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